Cherokee Black Entertainment Team

Jimmie "Big Wheel" Wheeler


Mr. Wheeler is co-founder of Cherokee Black Entertainment Inc. and Launch 360 Media, Inc.  He is currently the CEO of both companies.

He was an investment banker/investment adviser on Wall Street and has over twenty years of experience as an investment banker/investment adviser. Mr. Wheeler helped orchestrate numerous monumental mergers, acquisitions and leverage buyouts in the oil, gas, entertainment, banking, real estate and gaming (casino) industry from the 1980's through 2000's. While in the gaming industry, he collaborated in writing, the Gaming Laws in the State of Mississippi. Later he assisted in using his area of expertise in developing the gaming (casino) industry in Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Jimmie "Big Wheel" Wheeler successfully helped coordinate the tremendous banking merger in "2004" with JP Morgan Chase in acquiring Bank One of Chicago (See reference letters). JP Morgan Chase is one of the biggest financial institutions in the world today. From 1998-2010, Mr. Wheeler was a real estate developer in the state of Texas, California, Nevada and Ohio.

Jimmie Wheeler engaged in working with many unknown then successful, athletes and entertainers. He has been fortunate to collaborate with Larry Holmes, Evander Holyfield and many more professional boxers in the industry. In the music industry, he worked and collaborated with artists such as: Sammy Davis Jr., Jay Z, Destiny's Child and other entertainers. In the entertainment and business arena, Mr. Wheeler has handled sponsorship’s, currency exchange, investment banking in the Caribbean, South American countries and worldwide negotiations of financial affairs for many athletes, entertainers and major corporations. 

Jimmie "Big Wheel" Wheeler is a proud graduate from the University of Houston where he obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and a Master in Business Administration in Finance.  

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